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In lieu of a long, thoughtful answer to this question, I shall only post this link.

AI pool...

Mar. 26th, 2008 08:26 am
Only a few people responded to my post from yesterday about starting an AI pool. I figure more people might be seeing it today, since I posted it late yesterday after most people left work. If you want to join, just fill out the following poll, ranking each contestant with the order you think they'll get voted out, with 10 being the person who gets voted out tonight and 1 being who you think will win the entire thing. The rules for determining the winner are in my previous post.

For those of you who do want to play...do you want to play for fun or money? I'm OK with it either way. :)

[Poll #1160794]
Remember that crabbing story I posted two summers ago, about my adventures in crabbing with a novice boat captain (i.e. my BFF's new husband, Nick)?

Well, apparently Nick has not learned quite as much about crabbing in the past two years as I thought. This story gets kind of long, so for those of you who don't feel like reading the whole epic tale, you'll get the gist of it when I tell you that about midway through the story, I uttered the following sentiment to Jackie:

"Eighteen years. I've been coming to the Bay for EIGHTEEN YEARS and NEVER been in the drink."

Yeah. )
OK, so I'm working on this project that involves doing a really lame and repetetive task that a monkey could do. I jokingly asked my boss earlier today if we could maybe hire a monkey to do it, because this task was sucking my will to live. I even volunteered to clean up the poo the monkey was bound to fling when it got as bored with the project as I was.

Anyway, I was just talking to the boss again, and I said that I'd considered asking for a temp to come and do this job (seriously, it involves saving attachments off of approximately 5,000 emails, every single one of which is a zipped file...and then unzipping them) but had decided against it because I don't think that we'd get a temp who would last through more than an hour before getting bored and quitting. Boss then tells me that he's sure I'm right, especially based on his bad history with temps.

This is seriously the worst case of inappropriate temp placement I've ever heard of. Apparently, bossman called the temp agency and asked for them to send someone to do data entry...nothing else, just data entry.

You'll never guess who they sent... )
Everyone should go out and buy ingredients for this and make it RFN. It's that good.

Wegmans' Spicy Red Lentil Chili )
I have decided to change my journal to Friends Only effective immediately.

If you'd like me to add you to my Friends List, post a comment to this entry (I have comment email notification on) and state your case. ;)

ETA: To clarify, I'm not revamping my existing Friends List. If you're already on it, you don't need to re-request to stay on. This entry is just going to be the only public entry that people who aren't already on my FL can see, and to which they can respond if they want me to add them. You know, like new people. Sheesh. :D



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