Date: 2006-08-17 08:56 pm (UTC)
1. Because the zipped files are compressed text of call detail that I need to mine data from, which can only be done by opening it in Monarch in text format.

2. Because it's IT that put them there in the first place. One of our LD carriers dumps detail to text files by switch and trunk group every day, producing about 40 different files. IT wrote a routine to FTP the files from the LD carrier's server to our own, and then the routine zips them up and inserts each one in an email, which gets shipped off to me. I was getting this data summarized from another source, so I wasn't really using these files for anything. Thus, the stupid way that they were sending them to me didn't bother me much, since I was only archiving them for a rainy day.

Now, the LD carrier changed the way they bill us and the summary file I used to use is no longer available, which means I now need these files I dumped to my email archive. To have IT write a new script that goes into my email archive, pulls these 5000 emails, strips the attachment and unzips each individual file would involve a huge long request and approval process, allocation of some IT guy's time, Og knows how long to write the code, etc...and I need this stuff RFN. Plus, now that I know I'm going to be needing it on a regular basis, I had them change the routine so that instead of zipping/emailing, they just dump it raw to the FTP server and I can pick it up there on my own. It's just the stuff from May until now that's an issue.
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